Day 3: Oral Hygiene

Today was my second day at the school for workshop. The first day I was at the school I was nervous, but today I was especially anxious because it was my day to present the workshop Tu-Anh and I had made on oral hygiene. Although I had to present the lesson without Tu-Anh, I felt that I was able to communicate with the children a lot better today than yesterday. It was really frustrating when I wasn't able to communicate everything I wanted to say to the children. So the night before I made sure to prepare myself by translating keywords to help me remember. Overall, I thought teaching the lesson went well. We focused on teaching the kids about cavities, how to brush teeth properly, and what foods were good or bad for teeth.

Today, there were two moments that made all the hard work and exhaustion all the more worthwhile. The first happened during the workshop. While the children were playing a game called Cat and Mouse, many of the little girls wanted to stand next to me in the circle to hold my hand. And the children would also crowd around Clark and Amanda during other games, wanting to be near them. It really touched me to know that the children looked up to us like we were their older brothers and sisters. The other moment happened after school was over and I was told that a little boy had come to the clinic so that he could have his teeth checked out. When I heard this story, I felt so proud that our lesson on oral hygiene had an impact on even one child. These were the moments that made me realize that, yes, I can make a difference in these children's lives.

-Pauline Ngo