Adventure in the mountains of Sapa, Vietnam

Our trip begin with the tour guy picking us up at the train station at 5:30/6am.  While zigzaging up the road to Sapa town, the sun rosé and we witness the most beautiful mountains there are in Vietnam.  Mountains with step by step of green rice paddy, gardens, trees, and waterfalls surounded by misty fog.  Everyone in he cả ứa put in awe by thí image.  We stopped to take pictures but sad our camera's quality í not good enough and can't capture the scene.  On the way, we also saw some Hmong people still wearing their Hmong outfits, and soe water bufaloes by the road.  

We started our Sapa homestay "easy" trekking by walking through the tơn's food market.  On our way to trekking, some Hmong girls and women notice that we are foreigners, and they started to follow us.  Then we went from gravel road into a narow dirt trial.  Everyone ứa so excited and ready to trek in the mountain ò Sapa.

---The Homestay esay trkking: 2days trekking/hiking, one night stay at one òf the local's home.

The "easy" trking was suppose to be easy right?  Well, we oficially start our spontaneous adventure of by going dơwn the steep trails in the mountains with very litttle complain to wanting to break a leg just for the heck ò having an excuse to not having to walk anymore.  While in the steep mountains, we went through cỏn fild where one person have to scream out "where are you?" to the person in front òf them just because the corn stalks are in their faces ant it's hard to sê.  We also have to walked on the narow edge of the rice paddy because that í the only way to ge across to the other side.  Some people slip their feet into the rice paddy getting their shoes all dirty and wet. 

The view of the mountain is still incredibly pretty.  We cross a bridge and stop by rivers to cool dơn and wash up.  When we reach the homestay, we eat a lot of their local food, and drink rice wine for hostility.

Crossing rivers, going up and going dơwn the mountain are not easy especailly with heavy backpack and hot weather.  we have people breaking corn stalks, rolling dơn hills, tripping, and ripping their pants, but at the end òf the trip, it was worth it. It felt like we have accomplished a marathon. 

--Pa houa Thao