Day 10, Travels to Hue


The weekend before we arrived at this summer's project location in Quang Ngai, we relaxed in Hue by visiting the Imperial City and tasted some of the city's best dishes.

Bridges and walls enclose the Imperial City, the location that once housed royals from the Nguyen Dynasty. The Imperial City as a whole is huge, therefore we only had time and energy to explore only a corner of the city. We roamed around various palaces, some that were still intact and some that has been destroyed from the Vietnam War. A few of us even got the chance to ride on a small elephant in a small field inside the Imperial City!

For lunch, we tasted some of the city's most famous foods such as banh khoai, a crunchy, yellow dish which is similar to the common banh xeo. In addition, we also enjoyed banh beo and banh nam, which are authentic Vietnamese dishes that is uncommon in American Vietnamese restaurants.


To top off the day, we visited a total of four different tomb sites of different emperors. Each site is interspersed throughout the city. The tomb sites varied in its structure, composition, and detailed features. One common thing at every site was it's life-sized statues of warriors and elephants that guards the tombs, like the ones featured above. The most marvelous one of it all was Lang Khai Dinh; this tomb site is made entirely of black stone material and features a steep climb of stone steps to see the emperor's tomb. It was also one of the more popular tomb sites by locals.