The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's that time of year again . . . the first semester is winding down, the snow is starting to fall, and the hockey season is in full force.  With the resumption of UW Men's Hockey at the Kohl Center begins one of VHP's big fundraising activities, hockey concessions.

Every year, we work a Kohl Center concession stand selling a delighful array of sweets to excited fans.  New this year is the Cookie ala Babcock (fresh-baked large cookie with ice cream), which I must say looks delicious.  Wash it down with a large drink in a souvenir cup and you've got yourself quite the meal.  And the best part is that a portion of the money (~$200/game) goes towards our summer project in Vietnam.

This summer 2014, we are again returning to Hai An Clinic.  Since it's our second trip there we are hopefully returning a little bit wiser and will be following a smoother path since a lot of the groundwork has already been done. 

Planning has already commenced for this project.  We are aiming to do overall physical exams for people, a little bit of preventative screening, address some oral health concerns, and perform a little bit of health education. 

Please stay tuned to read more updates about this project and the other good work we are doing in Madison and Vietnam!