Vietnam Health Project Constitution

Article I

The name of the organization shall be Vietnam Health Project (VHP).

Article II

It shall be the purpose of Vietnam Health Project to provide the opportunity for

students of UW-Madison and members of the community with the experience of how a non-profit organization functions by incorporating the ultimate goal of providing Vietnam with sustainable solutions to meet basic human needs, including, but not limited to, healthcare, education, living conditions, and public infrastructures.

Article III

Section A: Membership is open to any enrolled university student or community member who:

  1. 1. Is willing to dedicate oneself to promoting the growth of the organization.
  2. 2. Is willing to help others without any expectations of benefits in return.

Section B: Dues and collection procedures

  1. 1.The amount of annual dues shall be determined each year by the VHP Board.
  2. Dues shall be used towards membership integration events and other VHP-related expenses.
  3. If a member is unable to pay their dues, they will still be encouraged to come to meetings and events.

Article IV

Elections for representatives shall be held in the spring in the month of April with the specific date to be determined by the current VHP Board. VHP Board members must be UW students.

Article V

Section A: Vietnam Health Project shall have four branches: Long-Term Projects, Fundraising, Organizational Operations, and Secretary. The first three branches will be led by a Vice President; the three Vice Presidents and the Secretary shall report to the VHP President.

Section B: The term of office shall be one year and no restriction will be put on the number of terms a representative may serve.  

Section C: Election of VHP Board members shall be held annually and determined by a simple majority vote of the present members or by a unanimous election by the current VHP Board.

Section D: Any VHP Board member may be removed from their leadership position by a two-thirds vote of the VHP Board.

Section E: Decisions shall be made by the VHP Board with a majority vote. Any board member may initiate suggestions at board meetings, and the Board will approve it if they so decide to.

Article VI

Section A: VHP President

  1. 1. Lead board meetings and general member meetings.
    1. a.Board attendance
    2. b.Agendas
    3. c.Long-Term planning
    4. d.Accountability tracking
    5. 2. Maintain communication with advisor.
    6. 3. Oversee VP of Long-Term Projects, VP of Fundraising, and VP of Organizational Operations.

Section B: Vice President of Long-Term Projects

  1. 1. Develop timeline for project planning and grant applications.
  2. 2. Recruit trip takers and Project Planning Committee members.
  3. 3. Update social media with trip planning progress.
  4. 4. Oversee Project Planning Committee.

Part I: Project Planning Committee

  1. 1. Follow through with duties as designated by Vice President of Long-Term Projects.
  2. 2. Write and apply for grants to fund annual projects.
  3. 3. Plan travel details and personal financing for Vietnam Trip.
  4. 4. Plan supplemental project workshops for VHP members.

Section C: Vice President of Fundraising

  1. 1.Manage and maintain bank ledger and bank account.
  2. 2.Update social media with volunteer events.
  3. 3.Coordinate volunteer attendance at events with Chair(s) of Volunteer Operations.
  4. 4.Write and apply for grants for general organizational finances.
  5. 5.Oversee Chair(s) of Volunteer Operations, Chair(s) of Community Support, and Chair(s) of Campus Fundraising.

Part I: Chair(s) of Volunteer Operations

  1. 1.Renew Kohl Center contracts for concession sales.
  2. 2.Complete Kohl Center orientation and maintain contact with volunteer coordinator throughout year.
  3. 3.Serve as concession stand supervisor with a minimum of once per event weekend commitment.
    1. a.Create welcoming environment for members
    2. b.Explain directions to new volunteers
    3. c.Delegate roles in the stand
    4. d.Come early to count money and stay late to ensure balanced inventory and cash counts 

Part II: Chair(s) of Community Support

  1. 1.Draft fundraising letter to be sent out for donations.
  2. 2.Identify businesses and organizations to be targeted for fundraising opportunities.
  3. 3.Actively maintain organizational mailbox.
  4. 4.Form coalitions with other groups.
  5. 5.Ad hoc community related tasks.

Part III: Chair(s) of Campus Fundraising

  1. 1.Organize non-concession fundraising events.
    1. a.Confirm location.
    2. b.Apply for permits.
    3. c.Place orders.
    4. d.Manage cash sales.
    5. e.Keep inventory.
    6. 2.Update social media with current and upcoming projects.

Section D: Vice President of Organizational Operations

  1. 1.Manage social media pages with up to date descriptions, events, and activities.
  2. 2.Maintain detailed records of roster and attendance.
  3. 3.Oversee Chair(s) of Campus Communications, Chair(s) of Member Education, and Chair(s) of Membership Integration.

Part I: Chair(s) of Campus Communications

  1. 1.Plan recruitment initiatives for both semesters.
  2. 2.Organize fliers, chalking, and other promotional activities for events
  3. 3.Recruit members by targeting related majors at UW
  4. 4.Send emails to members with updates
  5. 5.Update social media pages
  6. 6.Register events with UW calendar of events

Part II: Chair(s) of Member Education

  1. 1. Provide background information to put organization into context.
  2. 2. Plan monthly workshops to ensure constant education for VHP-related issues.


Part III: Chair(s) of Membership Integration

  1. 1. Create engaging environment for members.
  2. 2. Plan events to unite members within budget.
  3. 3. Update social media with current and future events.
  4. 4. Take and post photos from VHP gatherings.

Section E: Secretary

  1. 1. Responsible for the organization’s PO Box 71 at the SAC.
  2. 2.Ensure all members have access to the cage storage at the SAC.
  3. 3.Manage and update organization’s GoogleDrive account including members activity sheet, calendar, and shared documents.
  4. 4. Manage and update organizational emails.
  5. 5.Take notes during organizational meetings.

Section F: Faculty Advisor

  1. 1.The advisor shall assist the group in their execution of roles and responsibilities.
  2. 2.The advisor shall provide feedback to the organization regarding its operation and functioning.
  3. 3.The advisor shall serve as a resource.
  4. 4.The advisor should provide advice upon request, and also should share knowledge, expertise, and experience with the group.

Article VII

Section A: There shall be one general meeting for all Vietnam Health Project members each month to update members of each committee’s accomplishments and provide for committees the opportunity to present issues that need voting upon.

Section B: Each committee shall also conduct its own committee meeting each month whereas specific agendas and issues may be addressed. The meeting should be scheduled on different days of different weeks to provide flexibility for member participation.