Our History


Summer 2013, in collaboration with the D.O.V.E. Fund and UW's APAMSA, VHP funded Daniel Banh, Clark Chism, Linh Duong, Stephanie Han, Tu-Anh Le, Sheng Lee, Lila Ly, Pauline Ngo, Andy Nguyen, Noel Phan, Tiffany Phan, Tabitha Tate, Pa Houa Thao, Tien Tran, Justene Wilke, and Amanda Yang to travel to Hai An, a small village in the province of Quang Tri, to provide clinical services under the leadership of Dr. Joseph Ahn and public health/English workshops to the community. VHP was joined with UW's APAMSA graduate students and 4 out-of-state students.


Summer 2012, in collaboration with Madison Quakers Inc. (MQI), VHP funded Trung Nguyen, Kacey Tran, Linh Duong, Kabao Vang, Daniel Banh, Liya Guan, Xueduan Liu, Suelyn Vang, and Maria Huerta to travel to Tinh Ky, a small village in the province of Quang Ngai to work on a compassion house for a couple affected by Agent Orange.

Activity outline:

  • Volunteered at three orphanages in Ho Chi Minh City, including Mai Tam House of Hope, location of last summer's project. We donated supplies such as diapers, rice, milk, and more to each orphanage. 
  • Donated medical supplies to local hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Worked with five locals in the village of Tinh Ky on a compassion house for a couple affected by Agent Orange. Completed through manual labor and techniques such as brick-layering and cement mixing.
  • Worked with local children in the village and provided daily activities such as: conversational English lessons, group puzzle activities, arts and crafts activities, active outdoor play, and more.
  • Visited a government-run Agent Orange shelter in Quang Ngai.


Summer 2011, VHP funded Nga Duong, Minh Tuyen Mai, William Marquardt, Vuong Dong, Trung Nguyen and Dora Lo

Activity outline:

  • Volunteered at the Mai Tam House of Hope. It is a shelter for children with HIV. The team held three art workshops for the children, purchased bicycles for the house.
  • Donated medical supplies to the children hospital.
  • Volunteered at orphanages.
  • Donated food supplies to orphanages.
  • visited people affected by Agent Orange at An Phuc Center.



Summer 2010, VHP funded Tommy Thliveris, Ann Tran, Nhan Vu, Mai Connie Vang, Vuong Dong and Alice Toy went to Kien Giang, Vietnam.

Activity outline:

  • Provided week long health education seminars and recreational activities for the children at Vinh Quang Primary School.
  • Donated a month supply of food, hygiene products, and a family portrait to families who lived in the landfill of Kien Giang
  • Supported two adolescent children to pursue vocational schooling and stop working in the landfills
  • Provided monetary assistant for members in the community to receive hepatitis B vaccinations and surgical medical care.
  • Donated medical supplies to hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Helped financed 10 income families to pay off their medical debts
  • Visited various orphanages to donate toys and provide one day health education seminars
  • Donated shoes to an all boy orphanage



Summer 2009, VHP and the UW-Madison Morgridge Center (through the Wisconsin Idea Fellowship Grant) funded Roxana Godiwalla, Cindy Nguyen, David Nguyen, Trung Nguyen, Hoa Anh Phan, Lan Phung, and Nga Vo to travel to Rach Gia Vietnam to work with a community of 100+ families with the purpose of improving their health and hygiene.

Activity Outline

  • Educated the community about the personal hygiene by teaching them how to how to brush their teeth and wash their hands properly before they eat.
  • Provided the children with portable water filters called Lifestraw and taught them how to properly use it to eliminate water born diseases.
  • Donated rice and essential cooking ingredients to the families and milk to families with young children.
  • Donated children’s toys and books to the Catalyst Primary School and bought the children shoes to protect their feet from broken glass in the landfill.
  • Held a seminar to educate the families about and provide them with first aid kit, ibuprofen for common ailments, and multivitamins.

We also visited orphanages in Ho Chi Minh City and Rach Gia where we donated essentials such as milk, diapers, cooking oil for the children. We also interacted with the children by coloring and reading the books that we brought back from the US.

Visited the Pediatrics II hospital in Ho Chi Minh City to donate medicals supplies that we collected through donations from the UW-Hospital. There we also met with about 10 families that we identified has financial need and helped them pay their medical bill as well as gave them money for food and transportation home from the hospital.



December 2007 - January 2008. VHP and the UW-Madison Morgridge Center, funded by the Wisconsin Undergraduate Idea Fellowship grant, sent Hoai Nguyen, Anh Duong, Huyen Hoang, Huong Pham, Nguyet-Minh Tran, Nghia Le, and Justene Wilke to two Vietnamese cities: Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Trip outline:

  • Participated and assisited doctors at NIP Pediatric Hospital, Ha Noi.
  • Ha Noi School of Medicine.
  • Viet Duc Hospital (Dentistry), Ha Noi.
  • Bach Mai Hospital (Surgery), Ha Noi.
  • Ha Noi Pediatric Center
  • Ha Noi Rehabilitation Center.
  • The team worked at Nhi Dong #1 Pediatric Hospital, Saigon.
  • Cho Ray City Hospital, Saigon.
  • Go Vap Orphanage (Catalyst Networking), Saigon.

This project's primary objective focused on improving the conditions of the pediatric rehabilitation unit at the Children's Hospital in Hanoi. The rehabilitation playroom was supplied with developmental toys, sensory-stimulating equipment, and furniture to serve children with physical disabilities and to aid them in their progressive therapies.  A promotional campaign was also developed and implemented to raise awareness and help educate target groups about current health issues in Vietnam. This experience provided the students with an opportunity to visit and observe various medical institutions and health facilities as well as gain experience working within the Vietnamese community.



Fall 2006, The group were at the Fall Student Organization fair recruiting members. 6 Members of VHP took their first trip to Vietnam supervised by Professor Judy Ladinsky.



Vietnam Health Project (VHP) was founded in 2005 by Alyssa Truong and Quan Nguyen. They both were inspired by a group called Vietnam Medical Alliance (VMA) at a Tet (Vietnamese New Year) event in Milwaukee, WI and wanted to form  a similar group at University of Wisconsin-Madison. At the time, their goal was to become a chapter of VMA. The team recruited Wendy Nguyen and Professor Michael Cullinane to join.

Professor Michael suggested that the team should contact Professor Judy Ladinsky due to her knowledge, background and extensive travels to Vietnam and her ties to hospitals in Vietnam. The VMA group didn't want the team to use the same name so they changed it to Vietnam Medical Organization (VMO). In Spring 2005, the team raised enough money to fund Quan to join the VMA group traveling to Vietnam. Unfortunately, the VMA didn't prepare proper documentation to carry medication and they were confiscated at the airport. The trip was unsuccessful.

June 2005, as a result from all the hardship of Thanh Kim, Wendy Nguyen, and Hoa Anh Phan Vietnam Health Project (VHP) officially became an official student organization. The organization had 3 committees and 3 co-chairs.