Vietnam 2014 Project Update

It's been a long time coming, but the WIF grant is finally done and submitted.  Now it's time to play the waiting game and we will know either way by March 31.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for good luck.  

So far our group going to Vietnam is made up of 12-15 individuals and it's a nice mix of health science students, undergraduates, and professionals.  I imagine there will be a lot of learning and teaching going on this summer in Hai An.  I certainly can't wait.  

We are currently having bi-weekly meetings, but once April starts, we will be having weekly meetings to finalize paperwork, travel plans, and finish up workshops.  We will be doing fewer workshops this year as compared to last year because w we were overly ambitious last year with what we planned.  Lesson learned.  

The biggest piece of news to go with this update is that we will be buying our flights to Vietnam on March 5th.  We're all pretty excited about that, though not excited about the cost.  Flights seem to be staying right around $1,500 regardless of the day or date of travel or departure point, which is about $300 more than last year, but oh well.  Not much we can do about it.

Until next time,

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